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Victor Zapata

Victor Zapata, of Newark, DE, passed away unexpectedly on June 8, 2019.

Victor was a spunky 18 years old young man, who from his first day on Earth to the day he earned his angel’s wings had touched the lives of so many. Victor was a graduate of Christiana High School and a student at REACH Program. He was also a member of an exclusive and unofficial Nemours/AIDHC Frequent Flyers Club.

Victor was immensely loved by his family and everyone who got to know him. He was the light of his parents lives and the star of their hearts. He was born to be Lord’s ambassador of faith, hope and unconditional love. He had God’s gift of bringing people together. His strength and perseverance inspired many to be the better versions of themselves. His infectious smile melted hearts.

In addition to his loving parents, Luis and Olga Zapata, Victor is survived by his aunts, uncles, cousins, and his grandparents, Juan Zapata, Stanislav and Ludmila Goncharov, and his two favorite pups, Peludo and Dashiel. He was predeceased by his grandmother Mary C. Zapata.

The family would like to expressed their deepest gratitude to everyone who cared for Victor, supported him, believed in him and loved him.

Thank you to all Victor’s amazing teachers and therapists. You believed in him, gave him a voice and through your creativity you brought the world to him.

Thank you to the nurses and staff of Aveanna Healthcare for providing loving care and support to Victor and his family.

Thank you to the nurses, volunteers, therapists and doctors of Nemours/A.I. duPont Hospital for Children, without your support and commitment Victor would never made it to 18.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations be made in Victor’s name to The Nemours Global Health Fund, c/o Christopher Raab, Nemours Fund for Children’s Health, 1600 Rockland Road, Wilmington, DE 19803

Funeral Services

A viewing will be help on Thursday, June 13 from 10am to 12pm, followed by memorial service at Chandler Funeral Homes, 2506 Concord Pike, Wilmington, DE 19803. Burial will be private.


    Diane McCulliugh writes,
    Sorry for your loss!!! Victor was a HUGE inspiration to me!!! He was such a happy, loving handsome guy!!! Thoughts & prayers to you and your family!!!! Big big hugs!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Diane & Richard McCullough
    06/11/2019 10:47 am
    Marcel, Michelle, Isabella and Chantalle lit a candle and writes,
    Our condolences to both of you, we wish you strength in these difficult times. Remember the sun does shine about these dark clouds.
    06/11/2019 10:57 am
    Alisha Carneal lit a candle and writes,
    Chey and I are so sorry for your loss. Victor was wonderful! Sending you lots of hugs and prayers to help get through this difficult time
    06/11/2019 11:04 am
    Donna Ratledge writes,
    My heart aches for you both. Victor was amazing! I am very blessed to have been his Make-A-Wish Wish Granter and also his 501st Legion friend. I still remember how big his eyes got when I walked into his hospital room dressed as a Tie Pilot! Hugs and prayers to you both. Love always your good friend Donna... My daughter Mary also sends good thoughts.
    06/11/2019 11:05 am
    Evy, Brian, David, Bea, Tova, Nora writes,
    We are so sorry for your loss. Victor was such a great young man. He will be greatly missed by so many.
    06/11/2019 11:09 am
    Krissy Kerwin lit a candle and writes,
    Deepest sympathies for the incredible loss of your beloved Victor. Your unconditional love, fond memories and sharing his stories will keep his eternal light shining bright through all your days. May you hold peace and strength in your hearts, evermore.
    06/11/2019 11:30 am
    Stanislav Goncharov writes,
    My dear grandson Viktor ZAPATA And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. (Revelation 21:4) Ты в шумный мир пришёл с приветным криком – Сей мир тебя сурово встретил... Его ты озарил невинным ликом – А он в ответ отринул, не приветив. Ручонками ты потянулся к миру - Их мир связал, лишив свободы. Вотще!* В плену ты не оставлен сирым: Небесные тебе открылись своды. Ты боль нести с младенчества научен; Есть та, кто делит боль с тобою. Смертельными припадками ты мучим, Но смерть тебя обходит стороною. Ты не умрёшь!.. Такой нет просто силы Отнять тебя от тех, кто любит. И все, кто на земле с тобою были, С тобою в Небесах пребудут.
    06/11/2019 11:34 am
    Helen McQuillan and Jim McQuillan writes,
    Lou and Olga, we are truly sorry for the loss of your dear son Victor. There are no words to properly express the loss you have endured. God Bless you and we will keep you in our prayers. Mom and Dad McQuillan
    06/11/2019 11:35 am
    Kat from 2 West lit a candle
    06/11/2019 11:49 am
    Gabrielle Monti lit a candle and writes,
    Thoughts, love, prayers, & strength to you Olga & your family.
    06/11/2019 12:48 pm
    Immaculate Tita. lit a candle and writes,
    You are gone but your spirit remains with us. I miss singing for you, I miss dancing for you, I miss that hug, I miss that smile. But one thing remains........ You are now free from your pains. I am happy you have joined the Angels in heaven to watch over Mama and Papa and all your family. You did your things your way and you ended up your way. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, blessed be his name. Sleep well Victor till we meet to part no more. Adieu!!!
    06/11/2019 01:03 pm
    Sabine Epelbaum& Family lit a candle and writes,
    We are so sorry for the passing of your sweet son Victor. Losing a child is one of the most difficult experiences that one can face. There are no words that can relieve the pain that you are feeling right now, but know that you are not alone as the love and prayers of all your friends and family surround you at this time. With much love and sympathy, Sabine & Family
    06/11/2019 01:11 pm
    Irina Stein writes,
    Dear Olichka and Luis, Our hearts are breaking for you at the loss of your beloved Victor. We shall always remember him, his beautiful face, amazingly expressive glance, and very loving nature. Your deep love and devotion to your son and to each other are an inspiration to all who know you. With lots of love, Irina, Harvey, Ida, Moshe and Frida Stein.
    06/11/2019 02:00 pm
    Martha & Boyd lit a candle and writes,
    We are so sorry for the loss of your dear son. We are holding you in the light.
    06/11/2019 02:10 pm
    Jessica Butler lit a candle and writes,
    My heart goes out to you and your family. Victor will be truly missed. Sending prayers, thoughts, and healing energy your way.
    06/11/2019 02:36 pm
    Pat Redmond writes,
    Dear Olga and Luis, I am deeply sorry for your loss. I was honored to be able to meet Victor in the hospital and touched by the love in your family. May you find peace. Pat Redmond
    06/11/2019 03:53 pm
    Linda Fleming lit a candle and writes,
    I'm so deeply sorry for your loss of your sweet boy Victor. My sympathies to all your family. Sending hugs and prayers to you.
    06/11/2019 04:55 pm
    Cory Nourie lit a candle and writes,
    Olga and Luis, I’m so terribly sorry for the loss of Victor. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him, his spirit and personality. He left his mark on the world surely. Sending my deepest condolences to you and holding you in my thoughts.
    06/11/2019 05:23 pm
    Melodye lit a candle and writes,
    Pray for your strength. You were such an advocate for him. His presence will be missed. You have my prayers and sympathies.
    06/11/2019 06:09 pm
    Amy Murray lit a candle and writes,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Olga and Luis. I am so sorry for your loss. I will always remember victor for his energy, motivation, hard work, friendly face, and his happy nature! He was such a pleasure to be around, and I am grateful to have been lucky enough to be a small part of his life!! He touched so many lives and inspired so many people!!! I know he will always be your angel. ❤️
    06/11/2019 06:43 pm
    Evelyn Canongo lit a candle and writes,
    I'm so sorry for your loss. I know no one can really be prepared for something like this. Thoughts and prayers for you and your family
    06/11/2019 07:04 pm
    Patty & Rob Rutherford lit a candle and writes,
    Dear Olga and Luis, we are deeply sorry for the loss of your sweet son Victor. We send our sympathies. Your neighbors, Patty & Rob
    06/11/2019 07:16 pm
    Patty & Rob Rutherford writes,
    Dear Olga and Luis, we are deeply sorry for the loss of your sweet son Victor. We send our sympathies. Your neighbors
    06/11/2019 07:17 pm
    Kristin Harvey lit a candle and writes,
    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Victor was an amazing young man who was blessed to have the most loving parents and extended family imaginable. My heart hurts with yours. Sending prayers for peace in your hearts and strength in the days ahead.
    06/11/2019 07:24 pm
    Gina Castelli writes,
    Olga and Luis, Victor was unique and special his whole life. His presence on this earth changed your lives in ways you could not have imagined but you all brought light to darkness, hope to despair and love- so much love. I personally would not be where I am without your influence. Victor lives on infinitely in ways big and small. We love you. The Castelli’s
    06/11/2019 07:35 pm
    Patty Miller RN lit a candle and writes,
    I clearly remember 18 years ago when Victor was an infant and admitted to the PICU; I had the pleasure of caring for him and meeting two incredible parents- Luis and Olga! Who would know that many hospitalizations over the years would allow us to see Victor growing into such a fine young man who did things not by the books but "his way." Your hearts are heavy, as our many who had the pleasure of being a part of his life; may time allow good memories surface. Lets all honor our dear Victor by doing something kind for others just like he would have encouraged us to do. Love and Prayers.
    06/11/2019 08:23 pm
    Karen Anderson lit a candle and writes,
    Olga and Luis I am so sorry for your loss. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but knowing you Olga, I knew how much you loved him just through our conversations. Blessings and prayers to your family.
    06/11/2019 10:06 pm
    Julia Khabbaz writes,
    Dear Olechka and Luis, It is with broken hearts we learnt about Victor’s passing. Even though we never got a chance to meet Victor in person, your love for him shone in your every word and we feel bereaved with this light gone out of the world. There could be no more loving, selfless, devoted, caring parents than you. God bless you and give you strength to go on. Victor will live on forever in your love for him. Julia and the family, Toronto
    06/11/2019 10:46 pm
    Felix lit a candle
    06/12/2019 02:30 am
    Ruth Wolfe writes,
    Dear Olga and Luis, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll remember Victor as wonderful boy and he did indeed touch so many of us who had the opportunity to work with him... I hope your memories will bring you peace in the months ahead. Love to all... Ruth (SLP and TF neighbor)
    06/12/2019 09:25 am
    Tricia Zezulka lit a candle and writes,
    I am deeply sorry to hear of Victor's passing. What a difference he made in this world, touching everyone he met in such a special way. Your support and love provided the strong foundation for him to succeed. You are in my prayers...
    06/12/2019 09:28 am
    Kevin Rose writes,
    It’s terrible to hear about your loss and I express my sincere sympathy to Olga, Luis and your family.
    06/12/2019 10:26 am
    Waldemar Velez lit a candle and writes,
    My condolences on such a difficult and painful situation. May God be with you and your family and give you strength. Wally
    06/12/2019 05:04 pm
    Richard James lit a candle and writes,
    I'm so sad to read this. Your support of Victor and your advocacy for medically-complex kids has been almost unbelievable and an inspiration. Your love has never wavered, and you've never stopped fighting. My deepest sympathies go out to you at this worst of times.
    06/12/2019 05:23 pm
    Jose Cullen lit a candle and writes,
    Dear cousins, I am very sad, I hope to see all of you as soon as possible, Luigi, ny dear cousin, our condolences for you, Olga and all the cousins. We pray for Victor.
    06/12/2019 06:56 pm
    Melissa Paige Mooney writes,
    Oh Olga, my dear friend. How sad I am to hear of this news. I remember holding Victor when he was only a couple weeks old and visiting you over the years. I wish so badly I didn't live so far away. Please know I am there with you and you know you can call me anytime! Much love and big hugs. From not just me but my family as well.
    06/12/2019 09:39 pm
    Olga Starks (Kontsova) writes,
    Dear Olga and Luis, Accept my sincere and deepest condolences to your family on the immeasurable loss you suffered. My heart goes out to you and your family on the passing of your beloved son Victor, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
    06/12/2019 10:42 pm
    Olga Starks (Kontsova) lit a candle and writes,
    Dear Olga and Luis, Accept my sincere and deepest condolences to your family on the immeasurable loss of your beloved son Victor you suffered. May God bless and comfort you and your family during this difficult period. Know that you are in my prayers. Love you and pray God for Victor's innocent soul. Fly high to the sky our little joyful angel Victor and be free, sweetie boy, from all pain that you had on the earth!
    06/12/2019 11:03 pm
    Arrate lit a candle and writes,
    06/13/2019 04:29 am
    Dianne Anderson lit a candle and writes,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Victor! My prayers for peace & comfort during these difficult days. Love, Dianne Anderson
    06/13/2019 09:27 am
    Gary and Mimi Pawliczek writes,
    We are so sorry for your loss, Olga and Luis. Victor was such an inspiration and joy. His memory will live on and we are thankful for having been touched by him. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
    06/13/2019 10:38 am
    Christina Connors lit a candle and writes,
    Olga and Luis, There are never the right words at a time of such immense loss. Please know that we will be holding you close in our prayers. Victor was an inspiration to you both and everyone that had an opportunity to be touched by his life.
    06/13/2019 01:34 pm
    Cheryl D Jumps lit a candle and writes,
    I can not believe that Victor has flown to heaven. He is an Angel, always watching over us and looking out for us. I remember coming to see you all, after the article in the News Journal, about Victor turning 16 years old. I often think of Luis saying, "when they perfect driver less cars Victor will be going everywhere that he wants to go. " God Bless you both and your extended families. Love, Cheryl
    06/13/2019 03:01 pm
    Dave Dyczkowski lit a candle and writes,
    We are so sorry for your loss and we will keep you, your family and your angel in our prayers.
    06/14/2019 10:32 am

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