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Roger T. Waters

Roger T. Waters passed away on October 26, 2019. He was born in Passaic, NJ to Charles and Gertrude Waters.

He is survived by his sister Judith Hartman and brother David Waters, nieces Karen Morrison, Lynn Juvelier and Nancy Hartman. He was pre-deceased by his parents and an older brother Charles.

Roger spent his youth in the Parkesburg West Virginia area. He graduated from Duke University and maintained lifelong friendships with classmates, many of whom pre-deceased him. He enjoyed following the Duke basketball team, loved good clothes and fine automobiles.

He worked for the State of Delaware for over 40 years and was well known across the State as an extraordinary, fine and impartial Fair Hearing Officer. He had fond memories of Delaware.

Services will be private. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Duke University Alumni Fund or a charity of choice in his honor.


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    Lyn Doto lit a candle
    11/10/2019 01:14 pm
    Lyn Doto lit a candle and writes,
    My husband, Bill Montgomery, and I were saddened to read of the passing of Roger Waters. I met Roger in 1968, when I began working as a social worker in the Welfare Department. Roger was already working there as an Intake Worker, and was respected for his serious approach to his work. After a year or so, I learned that Roger had a quiet, dry sense of humor. Eventually, he began to attend some of the other staff's parties and events. He even became one of a group of social workers who rented a beach house together for a few summers. Roger, of course, rarely stepped on the beach. He wisely kept his pale skin in the cottage all day, as he watched TV. He did, however, venture out with the group at night, and laughed and enjoyed himself, as we all did back then. Over the years, most of us switched jobs and moved on; though Roger stayed on as a Hearing Officer -- a quasi-legal position that fitted him perfectly. We haven't seen Roger for the past several years; but every year, his was the first Christmas card that we received --- and they were always tasteful and artistic. I'll miss hearing from this year. Our sincere condolences to his family. Lyn Doto and Bill Montgomery
    11/10/2019 01:30 pm
    Michael Steinberg writes,
    I was under Roger's "watch" as a Hearing Officer and valued his guidance and criticism. He had a brilliant mind and a quick dry sense of humor that was astounding. His recall of past cases and his decisions were superb. I learned a lot from him..... At one point Roger had a white Honda and a black Honda. One automatic and the other manual. I inquired as to why the difference in transmissions? His response was that the manual would keep his mind sharper by shifting......Same cars,.... question as what decided him to drive which one on any given day? Roger's response was whichever one had the shortest walk to get to....... It was a gift to know him!
    11/10/2019 09:43 pm
    Barbara McCaffery writes,
    I was so sorry to hear of Roger’s passing. We worked together for many years. I learned so much from him and he won’t soon be forgotten.
    11/15/2019 12:26 pm

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