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Robert “Bob” Rossi

Robert (Bob) Rossi, age 63 passed away suddenly April 20, 2021. Bob was a loving father, brother, son and friend. He left us much too soon and we will miss him terribly.

Bob was predeceased by his father, Francis J. Rossi. He is survived by his mother Ann Marie Rossi, brothers Richard and Ronald Rossi and sisters Constance and Carol Ann. Bob also leaves behind two exceptional and beautiful children, Stephen and Marisa, who he loved deeply.

Bob had a combined DuPont and Chemours service of almost 41 years. He was a valuable member of Chemours Analyzer Group (CAG). Bob was a kind and caring person and was always there to help the plant and his CDH team with any process analyzers needs as they came up. His presence and knowledge will be greatly missed.

Bob taught us many lessons in life. He was kind to a fault, humorous, family-and-friend oriented and, last – but not least, always said ‘I love you’ when speaking with loved ones.

At this point, Bob’s family would like to extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Bob’s neighbors who have been extremely helpful and kind.

Bob’s passion in life, after his children, was to help people. He was very perceptive and could sense when someone needed help and didn’t hesitate to step up. In his recent years, he devoted his spare time to giving back to the community by leading support groups for individuals recovering from addiction. He was an empathetic, supportive man who touched the lives of many in times of need. He would always conclude his sessions with a prayer, “Serenity”.

May we always remember Bob, and let his life remind us to always say ‘I love you’ to those who impact our lives.

Funeral Services

Family and friends are welcome to visit at Chandler Funeral Home, 2506 Concord Pike, Wilmington, Delaware on Friday April 30, 2021 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.


    Bob Bucher writes,
    We both worked for DuPont Engineering Process Analyzers and traveled together many times. I’ve been retired for 10 years and I still miss Bob’s infectious smile and the intimate conversations we had. I was shocked when I heard of Bob’s passing and want to give my condolences to his family and friends.
    04/27/2021 11:26 pm
    Rachel lit a candle and writes,
    Bobby and I shared a relationship that neither of us had ever experienced. We were each other’s soul mates and best friend. We had this uncanny ability to finish each other’s sentences and be thinking the same thing at the same time. We could look at each other and know exactly what the other was thinking. We shared our deepest darkest secrets with each other and we always said I love you multiple times a day! One thing I learned from Bobby was to always make sure to tell people in our lives that they were loved no matter what! We made sure we never went to bed at night with out saying I love you. Anyone who knew Bob knew how much family and friends were important to him. His eyes would light up when he talked about Stephen and Marisa. And he was always talking about how much family and friends meant to him. He was always there to help anyone who asked him regardless of what he was doing. Bob always tried to find the positives even in a horrible situations. Bobs passing reminds us to always say I love you. That life is fragile so live life to the fullest bc you don’t know what tomorrow has in store for you. Since the heart wrenching shock of his passing I have tried to find peace knowing he is in a better place and most of all that we now have an angel looking down on us protecting us and watching over us. As some of you may know bob and I loved music. I would like everyone to take the time to listen to YOU SAY by Lauren Dangle. Bob and I described our relationship through this song as well as how we viewed other relationships in our lives. Bob was working on playing the song on his piano. It’s a beautiful song and after you listen to it you will know why he loved it. RIP BOBBY MAY YOU FLY WITH THE Angels! TIL WE MEET AGAIN!!. I love you bunches and bunches!! PS. Chips ahoy cookies are still gross but I hope you have an unlimited supply now!
    04/28/2021 05:44 am
    Chuck Fisher writes,
    Like Bob Bucher I worked for DuPont Engineering Process Analyzers. I first worked with Bob when we traveled to Mississippi after the Delisle Plant had been hit hard by Katrina. When we first arrived, I was in a hurry to get the Analyzers up and running. Bob was quick to point out that we first needed to help the plant personnel get their lives back to something resembling normal. He was a gentle soul who was always thinking of others. Long after I retired, he called me just to see how I was. I was also shocked when I heard of Bob’s passing and want to give my condolences to his family and friends.
    04/28/2021 07:30 pm
    Larry Leonard writes,
    I was a customer of Bob's, working for Dupont at the Edgemoor site. I too was shocked when I read the news of Bob's passing. Bob always had a smile and did everything he could to help and make sure all was well. I have been retired now for 10 years and have not seen Bob since, but his memory is as fresh as if it was yesterday. My condolences to the family, he will be greatly missed.
    04/29/2021 08:18 am
    Mike Enderle writes,
    Bob was a good guy, and a friendly co-worker. He will be missed in the hallways at Chemours as you could always enjoy a fun interaction with him. Very sorry to lose him so soon. My best to his family and close friends.
    04/29/2021 09:41 am
    Arshad (AJ) Jamil writes,
    Bob was a valuable member of our Chemours analyzer team since 2015 when DuPont spun off Chemours as an independent company, till he passed away. Besides his zeal to always help fellow team members, and the plants when they needed assistance and by making sure that they had the needed spares ahead of time, his concern for fellow human beings and people he knew and cared for, was always his biggest passion. Bob was quick to make friends and made them feel as if he had known them for a long time. His sense of humor, his infectious smile and how he cared about everyone will be always missed.
    04/29/2021 09:42 am
    Jeremy L Black writes,
    I first met Bob at an Analyzer Training in New Johnsonville, Tn years ago, we immediately hit it off. He had a way of making you feel as if you had been friends your whole life. You had better be prepared to laugh when Bob was around we had many laughs and some great times together over the years. I will dearly miss our weekly phone calls 2 minutes work related then 20 minutes of laughing. Rest in peace my friend and I'll be praying for the family.
    04/29/2021 10:02 am
    Mike Grovola writes,
    Bob and I would email and talk often at work, but after I retired we lost touch. I am very heart broken at the loss of my nephew and always thought that we would have time to talk about the good times we had growing up as kids. I never had the opportunity to meet Bob's children in person, but he always had great things to say about them. To my sister, nieces and nephews I am very sorry for your loss. Bob will be missed by a lot of people who loved him.
    04/29/2021 10:05 am
    JOE ANDRISANI writes,
    I am so sorry to hear of Bob's passing- what a wonderful man, and what a loss to his children and family. I worked with Bob from the time he transferred into the Analyzer Group at the Experimental Station and I was his Manager as well. He brought so much caring and concern for others into our group - he was a pleasure to see every day, and always did whatever was in his capacity to make projects successful, and co-workers feel comfortable. Being of Italian descent Bob and I shared many common customs and traits; and number 1 was family ... Bob loved his family totally and without any limitations, and you always knew that everything was second to that. A lovely soul, we've all lost someone special, but most importantly his family has a hole that can only be filled with loving memories. My most sincere condolences to his family and especially his children.
    04/29/2021 07:04 pm
    Terry Hernandez lit a candle and writes,
    Oh Stephen and Marisa, the loss of your Dad may God surround you with love, peace and understanding. Your Dad will show up in you, your smile, your mannerisms, the way you laugh and smile. He will find a way to make his presence known so that you are never without him. Stay strong, you have an amazing Mom, Lisa who loves you both so very much. Hugs to you and sending prayers and thoughts to you all. Love, Uncle Terry and Aunt Janice
    04/29/2021 08:35 pm
    Dev Shah writes,
    He was warm
    05/01/2021 08:54 am
    Olivia Wilson writes,
    Bob, I am sadden to hear of your passing. I am truly blessed to have known you. We had lots of laughs at the work place, Experimental Station. RIP my friend.
    05/06/2021 07:45 pm
    Betty and Kent Riegel writes,
    Many heartfelt condolences to Bob's family at this very sad time. Although we did not know Bob, we had heard of him and what a fun and very caring man he was. Just wish we had known him. Love and peace to the family.
    05/10/2021 08:13 am
    Pamela Jacobs writes,
    I’m lost for words. Bob Rossi used to come in to Shop rite as a regular customer. Bob talked about his family and kids so much I felt like I knew the family personally. I just found out about his passing today...I just want the family to know and I’m a stranger..... Bob truly love you guys!!!
    05/31/2021 06:15 pm

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