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Patrick Vandy

Patrick Vandy, age 72, of Wilmington, DE died on December 31st, 2020. Pat was born in New Jersey, and spent much of his life there until moving to Delaware 8 years ago. Pat was a graduate of Pennsauken High School, where he met his wife, Linda (Utley), and life-long friends Dave & Andrea Rowan, and Dennis & Linda Nettleton. Pat’s long career was spent at the Salem Nuclear Station (PSE & G) and with the US Postal Service. He loved his friends and family, playing golf, talking about politics and was always quick to make friends with complete strangers with a great joke or story!


He will be sadly missed by his wife Linda (Utley) Vandy, son Sean Vandy, daughter Jennifer Vandy, grand-daughter Lauren M. Crist and her husband Jonathan Crist, great grand-daughters Clara and Emma Crist, brother Robert Vandy and his wife Debbi Vandy, 2 brothers-in-law, 2 sisters-in-law, as well as his 6 nephews and 1 niece. Pat was predeceased by his parents Jack and Peggy Weiss, of New Jersey.  In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations in his name to the Brandywine Valley Baptist Church, 7 Mount Lebanon Road, Wilmington, DE 19803 (www.brandywine.church).





Funeral Services

A small memorial will be held later in 2021 for intimate friends and family only. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests donations in his name to the Brandywine Valley Baptist Church, 7 Mount Lebanon Road, Wilmington, DE 19803 (www.brandywine.church).






    Ashley Rowan Coleman lit a candle and writes,
    We can not express the grief and sadness. Many of my formative memories include Uncle Pat with a smile on his face and the hysterical crazy looks, always jumping out of his seat to help, summers swimming in his pool, hiking with him and his dogs, target practice, singing, Christmas Eve, ect ect. Summers at LBI With Uncle Pat we’re always the highlight of the year. However, my most treasured memory is the special friendship he had with myfather and Uncle Dennis. To have an everlasting friendship like this through thick and thin is rare and irreplaceable—they were ultimately brothers. Uncle Pat, we will miss your jokes, smile, and joy of life beyond words.
    01/04/2021 09:27 am
    Paula Love Undercuffler writes,
    Truly one of the most unforgettable people of my younger years The friendship that he created with Dave and Dennis was one that was admired by so so many of us . To Linda and his family I am so sorry Pat was a great friend to me and was a special man What a loss to all You are in my heart and my prayers
    01/04/2021 10:56 am
    David N. Rowan writes,
    Pat and I first met at Pennsauken Junior High School when we were 13. We raised a lot of ***** in high school, hunted and fished together and watched many tides ebb and flow through the years. We never had to have long conversations, because over the years we each knew what the other was thinking. When I was in college, I realized what a friend Pat was, when we were playing pool at the firehouse in East Pennsauken. I had complimented Pat on a shirt he was wearing, Pat put down his cue stick, unbuttoned his shirt and gave it to me. Pat was always trying to help, even strangers. It did not take much to make Pat happy, he always had a smile on his face. I was a rich man to have a friend like Pat. Pat crossed the river, but he waiting for all of us, with a light on and a smile.
    01/04/2021 11:10 am
    Karen Young Logue writes,
    Pat will certainly be missed ...what a force he was. He was a teaser and a jokester with a very big heart. It’s been years since high school but memories are still clear. Grateful to have known him. Lifting up family and those close to him.
    01/04/2021 11:41 am
    Robyn Stoy lit a candle and writes,
    Jennifer- I was saddened to hear of the passing of your father, while I never met him, your stories reflected a wonderful and fun loving man. I know he will be deeply missed. You and your family are in my prayers. With love at this time, Robyn Stoy
    01/04/2021 11:47 am
    Lauren writes,
    My Hidad: As I’ve talked to people who have checked in on him, and then us when he left the world. One thing that transcends amongst anyone who’s met him or known him for years is how warm and welcoming he was to everyone. “A story teller. A family guy. A great laugh. Jokester. Loyal. A helper. A classic.” He is all of those things to everyone. To me he is the one who shows up no matter the situation, he’s someone I’ve shared many walks with, he’s quick to point out the little things good or bad, he remembers everything about nothing and it brings us so much joy to hear his every thought because to have a person that notices the way he did was just special. He told me constantly what a good mom I am, something that means the most to me in this world from someone who’s opinions I value the most. We will miss him every single day but know how blessed we are to have had him as such a staple in our day to day. And just as he would, we will remember all the little and big things about him and carry them with us always and be grateful for our time.
    01/04/2021 01:21 pm
    Dean writes,
    They say you get to chose your friends but cannot chose your family. When I first met Pat, I have to admit Ihe was a bit intimidating... However, I somehow knew I was accepted by him when he let me borrow his truck for the first time. Pat became the closest thing to a father I had in my adult life. I admired and respected him for the love and dedication he had for his family and friends. I will miss his quick wit, his irreverent sense of humor, and his uncanny ability for finding that one damn screw in the driveway that you haven't seen for weeks.... but most of all, I will miss his huge heart and the honor and privilege of calling him Dad.
    01/04/2021 03:22 pm
    Carolyn & Michael lit a candle and writes,
    Michael and I have had a feeling of peace, safety and friendship for 8 years of living next door to Pat and Linda. Meeting and liking Pat was the easiest most natural thing. He was sincere, warm and open, genuinely caring about other people. We quickly developed a friendship with both of them. We loved him very much. He will be missed every day.
    01/04/2021 03:46 pm
    Tamara R. Schmitt lit a candle and writes,
    For as long as I have had memories, I some of the fondest ones are of my dear Uncle Pat. To me, he embodied what it was to be both family and friend. He was a constant in my life, with his laughter, his twinkling eyes, and his humor. To this I am forever grateful and blessed. There was nothing he wouldn't do to help those he loved. Big or small it was considered done. And, most likely, things were "done" by the next morning, or within the hour if you knew him. Selfless. Thoughtful. Giving. I remember Uncle Pat loading his truck and taking a long road trip to Happy Valley to help my father, David, with yet another move. All with a smile. One example of a million things that made Uncle Pat so very special. My deepest condolences are with my extended family, of Aunt Linda, Jennifer, Sean, Lauren, Jon, Emma and Clara. I love you all so very, very much. Tamara
    01/04/2021 04:54 pm
    Debbi Vandy lit a candle and writes,
    My dear brother in law....how rich my life became when I was brought into the loving fold. You didn't mind a southern born and bred girl coming into your life. I loved the way you tried so hard to learn some of the southern "twang". I have loved you, your heart, your humor, that wonderful giggle, your excitement/discussion over politics....I could go on and on. Boy, your brother Bob....he loves you to the heavens and back. I have spent 20 wonderful years hearing the stories of yours and Bob's childhood. Bob was your protector even though he may have been at the root of some of your bumps and bruises...but oh how I have loved those stories. God gave us a great blessing when you and Linda came to visit us for a few days in early December. What a gift...we really got some quality time together in just a few days. I loved our walks together and we will be forever grateful for you replacing and fixing some of the fence..... Going to miss you my sweet brother in law. I love you to the heavens and back. I rejoice in the fact that you aren't suffering and with Mom and Dad, Uncle Mike...so many other cherished loved ones. We shall see you again ❤
    01/04/2021 07:46 pm
    Debbe Philips writes,
    Dear Linda, I only met Pat once, but he seemed a very nice man and I know you loved him dearly. Prayers for you and your family
    01/04/2021 09:45 pm
    harry dorofee writes,
    So sorry to hear. Our prayers are with you and the family. Will miss playing golf with him. Harry((Navy).
    01/05/2021 03:51 pm
    Alexandra Rowan lit a candle and writes,
    My condolences go to Aunt Linda, Jen, Sean, Lauren, his great grandchildren, and the rest of his family because his presence in their lives is irreplaceable. Losing Uncle Pat is one of the greatest losses I have ever had. He was not my family by blood, but he is family, and he is already so missed. I will miss his random stories that usually began with “Did you hear about...?” -(and 90% of the time I would have no idea what he was talking about)- but he loved to share stories, and he was so excited and happy when he would get to tell them. I will miss his facial expressions and his hand gestures, especially when he was talking with(or about heheh) Aunt Linda, Jen, or Lauren. I am so grateful for his lifelong friendship with my father, because he was the greatest friend that my dad could have ever had. I have so many memories of going to his old house in Franklinville- wandering through the woods, seeing his dog, playing in his pool, and playing with Lauren while they hung out with my parents. I still remember weekends with Uncle Pat, Uncle Dennis, and my dad sitting at the kitchen table playing cards. Vacations at Long Beach Island, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve- all of these memories include Uncle Pat. I know Uncle Pat though, and he’ll still be there watching,laughing, and shaking his head at my dad. His selfless desire to be a helping hand is known to every single person he met- he went out of his way to help you. His relationship with Aunt Linda was the kind of marriage that young people dream to have; they were the couple you see in movies, who meet when they are young, and grow old together and have such a special relationship. He is very missed, but will never be forgotten.
    01/05/2021 03:57 pm
    Ralph and Michele Giofre writes,
    Our most sincere and deepest condolences. We pray that you will find the Lord's healing strength through your family members and many friends. May God Bless You All.
    01/06/2021 05:12 pm
    Penny Smith Razzo writes,
    Mrs. Vandy, Jennifer and Sean, I am so sorry to hear about his passing. I will always remember him for his infectious smile! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    01/06/2021 05:21 pm
    Ted and Vera Haines writes,
    Our deepest condolences for you and your family. I knew Pat since PYAA in East Pennsauken. Our prayers are with you.
    01/06/2021 07:24 pm
    Iva Ricks lit a candle and writes,
    My condolences to Pat Vandy's family I'm so sorry for your loss he was a great guy and awesome friend.
    01/09/2021 05:51 am
    Louise Shehan Queen lit a candle and writes,
    My deepest condolences and sympathy. I met Pat while working at Swedesboro for rhe Post Office. Boy was he a feisty one, and not to mention mouthy. Alot of people did not know how to take him. But after being around him for a few days , he grew on us. We all loved him! Pat was our prankster, jokester, and storyteller. Never a dull moment when he was around. When Swedesboro shut down in Feb. 2010, we were all heartbroken. That building become our family. And so many had to uproot and move. I just wanted to give a little background. Pat had an extended family that loved him very much! We will all miss him dearly. Once again, my deepest sympathy. May he rest in eternal peace.
    01/09/2021 01:35 pm
    Jim Scheffler writes,
    I was very sorry to hear of Pat's passing, although I have not saw him in many years. I worked with Pat on and off at the Salem Nuclear Generating Station(contractor) and also went to Pennsauken High School with him and Linda, many years ago. Pat helped a fellow PHS classmate (Bob Johns) get employment at Salem, when Bob was a little down on his luck. Pat was a lot of fun to be around and work with and I would like to extend my deepest condolences to Linda and family. R.I.P. my friend.
    01/15/2021 03:44 pm
    Lester R. Sutton writes,
    Pat and I worked together for many years at the Salem/Hope Creek generating station. He and I were very much alike in our sense of humor. I loved the stories he always had to tell. I am so sorry to hear of his passing. Our prayers go out to his family.
    01/19/2021 09:34 am

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