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Joyce W. Anderson, M.D.

Joyce W. Anderson, retired MD/GP, died peacefully in Wilmington as she wished at her adopted home, The Lorelton, on Saturday evening, September 10, 2022, on the day following national teddy bear day. Together with many bears, bunnies and other friends, Joyce, Plummie and Fricks had relocated to her apartment in The Lorelton in downtown Wilmington during the first part of July, where she was an instant hit and genuinely loved her new surroundings of a historically redeveloped former elementary school. Great friends and great services really pleased her.
Growing up in Chicago, education was really important for Joyce and her brother, Donald, who presented her with treasured Plummie as her 15th birthday present. Fricks came long later, wonderfully sourced by Michael Brody, later memorialized by the dog who thinks of himself as a bear, Brody, from Rehoboth Beach, also a close buddy to everyone else. Joyce was one of only a very limited number of women to graduate from the University of Chicago Medical School (along with approximately seventy men), at which time she obtained her residency at the Delaware Hospital in Wilmington, 750 miles away. Needless to say, Joyce never looked back, serving many Delawareans in the succession of her offices in Independence Mall, Faulk and Shipley Roads. At least as significantly, Joyce provided extremely impactful medical guidance and support by being in the last generation of physicians to come to the homes for those who were ill.
Throughout her life, Joyce had many friends, including numerous former patients, who are now spread far and wide. Yet Joyce was a private person who, over an extended period of planning, elected not to have a funeral or newspaper notifications. But she was someone who nonetheless embraced life fully, including as an avid sports fan of the Chicago Bears and Cubs and then translating her allegiance to the Philadelphia Flyers and Phillies. She was even more accomplished as a tremendous needleworker, a voracious reader, an avid collector and a shopper who loved her travels particularly to Barnes & Noble and to Anthropologie. Everyone knows that Joyce was an enthusiast of all holidays, whether patriotic or celebratory. But Christmas – and all that it meant in the sense of giving – was most special to Joyce.
While almost ninety-four, Joyce developed friendships in all age categories and walks of life. Her outreach not only involves people in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey, but likewise Connecticut, New York, Florida, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona – just to name some of the states. Everyone, of course, will miss her, but Joyce will assuredly radiate from Heaven. Our sixty plus years knowing and having Joyce in our world has been nothing less than wonderful, as undoubtedly has been the same for everyone else. Yes missed, but truly never forgotten. Sincerely, Ted & Janet Lower

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    Rev. Dr Doug Perkins lit a candle and writes,
    Our deepest condolences...What a wonderful woman! Thanks for letting us care for her--and you! Prayerfully, Compassionate Care Hospice Chaplain DOUG Perkins
    10/04/2022 04:48 pm
    GIFFORD HOLT writes,
    So sorry to learn of my cousin's death. My wife Doris and she visited on the phone many times when Doris was doing a lengthy genealogy study years ago. She was so interesting to talk to as her mother was my DAD'S sister. Gifford Holt Durango, Colorado
    12/28/2022 08:32 pm
    Patrick J. Guarriello writes,
    A good friend of Joyce. We would pick her up once a month to go for dinner. She would always would order chicken marsala. We would tell her about spaghetti, but she said she could not twirl. She was so funny.Loved her home with all her Teddies. Could not reach her until we finally got her connection and told us she had passed. How sad. May she rest in peace. Love Pat & Bob
    01/07/2023 07:42 pm
    Lois Dennis writes,
    As former patients of Dr. Joyce Anderson, my family is saddened as we reflect upon her outstanding medical career and her approach with our intergenerational family. She inspired my sister to become a physician. From the moment you walked into her office you were enveloped in her meticulously designed practice from entrance to exit, unlike any other and never to be replicated with privacy (rarely, if ever would one encounter another patient), expertise (she performed tests, labs on site herself, exuding professionalism), was never transactional nor intrusive but you always left with a sense of accomplishment and a medical goal to pursue. And, as she would quip, ”Who doesn’t love teddy bears?” The doll houses, scrapbooks and owls(“Night owl”)were part of the calming, creative environment. After her retirement, we faced challenges finding physicians of her calibre…not even close! Never a hint of ageism, racism, nor sexism with the highest level of professionalism one could only hope for. One day, years ago while in a department store I recognized a faint hint of a remembered fragrance wafting by and, to my delight Dr.Anderson had just walked by…she was delighted to see me and quick to ask,”How is Janet?” She knew that as a child my sister was, like her, brilliant. I told her of her Harvard Medical School graduation and career and she was delighted. Although we miss her, we will keep her memory alive as we share our stories about her. May she rest in eternal peace. With fond remembrance, Lois Dennis
    03/30/2023 10:32 am

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