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Irénée du Pont, Jr.

Irénée du Pont, Jr., age 103, died January 16, 2023. He was the son of Irénée du Pont and Irene Sophie (du Pont) du Pont. They were second cousins. He graduated from Tower Hill School, attended Dartmouth College for two years and obtained a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from M. I. T. in 1943.
During World War II he was employed as a test engineer at Ranger Aircraft Engines Company, Division of Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation, Farmingdale, NY. In 1944 he married the former Barbara Batchelder of Hanover, NH.
In 1946 Mr. du Pont was hired by the DuPont Company where he held various engineering and supervisory positions at plants in Arlington, NJ; Parkersburg, WV; and Charleston, WV. In Wilmington, since 1953, he worked in mid-management of Plastics, Film and Employee Relations Departments. He served as Senior Vice President and member of the Executive Committee from 1967 to 1978. He retired from DuPont’s Board of Directors in 1990. His father, two grandfathers, three great-grandfathers and two great-great-grandfathers served in the management of the DuPont Company.
Mr. du Pont served on the boards of directors of the
Wilmington Trust Company, the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, Americans for the Competitive Enterprise System and Greater Wilmington Development Council. He served on the boards of trustees of Wilmington University, The Unidel Foundation, Longwood Gardens, Inc. and Tower Hill School. He was a Life Member of the Corporation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From age 11 to 18 he sang in the choir of the Cathedral Church of St. John. He enjoyed home workshop, sailing, organ music, extended motorcycle trips, worn-out shoes and mechanical pencils.
He was predeceased by eight older sisters; his daughter, Susanne; his son, Irénée du Pont, III; and Barbara, his wife of 77 years. He is survived by his daughter-in-law, Eugenie Collison du Pont, and his daughters Irene Light (Tom) of Lime Rock, CT; Cynthia Tobias (Terry) of Chadds Ford, PA; Sally Quinn (Rob) of Winchester, MA; Grace Engbring (Paul) of Telluride, CO; thirteen grandchildren, and thirteen great-grandchildren.
In lieu of flowers send contribution to Wilmington University, Office of the President, 320 N. DuPont Hwy, New Castle, DE 19720.
A memorial service will be held in the future. Interment will be private.

Funeral Services

A memorial service will be held in the future. Interment will be private.


    Doug Durante, Federal Termite Co. writes,
    I am so sorry to hear of Mr. DuPont’s passing. While servicing his estate I always enjoyed conversations with him and fondly remember seeing him riding around the estate on his motorcycle with a big smile on his face. He always treated me as a friend rather than an employee.
    01/17/2023 05:44 pm
    Kevin R.O’Brien lit a candle and writes,
    To Mr. du Pont’s family: please accept my deepest sympathy on the loss of a great man. He was the definition of a Gentleman; kind, well-mannered, humble, good-humored, generous, thoughtful, grateful. One of a kind. It was a privilege to have known him. Sincerely, Kevin R.O’Brien
    01/17/2023 06:02 pm
    Ben Trimble lit a candle and writes,
    Irenne provided my siblings and myself with the opportunity to grow up on the most beautiful property in New Castle County and treated all of his tenants as family. He opened his doors to all and wanted everybody to enjoy the same things he had come to love, mostly cool old cars, slightly expired lunch meats, and box wine. I don’t know how to express my Gratitude for him because I grew up on Granogue and didn’t appreciate just how special it was until I was gone. Thanks for the amazing memories, Ben Trimble
    01/17/2023 07:18 pm
    Gene Spence writes,
    I met Ernie through Boy Scouts. Later I was able to give him a tour of the old black powder mills still in existence at the DuPont Experimental Station, especially the Rolling Mills that are under E256 bldg. To say the least he was amazed that these mills still existed. Later he shared many stories of the family and company’s history. He was quite a remarkable man. From Gene Spence
    01/17/2023 07:41 pm
    Judi Provencal lit a candle and writes,
    Irenee was a wonderful person. He will be missed.
    01/17/2023 09:12 pm
    Ron Brabson writes,
    Cynthia, Terry and Family-- My sincere sympathies to everyone. RAB
    01/18/2023 07:53 am
    Priscilla Bloodsworth writes,
    Bill and Allice so so sorry to have heard about the passing of Brip, My condolence to all of your family. I feel like a part of your family Sadden, Priscilla Bloodsworth and Bloodsworth
    01/18/2023 09:07 am
    David Groski lit a candle and writes,
    On behalf of the Board of Directors of Mt Cuba Observatory we express our condolence to all your family. We will miss his friendship, great leadership, and wisdom.
    01/18/2023 10:22 am
    Rein du Pont lit a candle and writes,
    Rest in peace dear Brip. We have lost one of the very best. Never have I known a nicer, more humble, generous, kind and loving man. Barbara and the angels will be so happy to have him join them. All of us, who had the good fortune to have known him, are very lucky. Our deepest sympathy to all his family, children and grandchildren. You will be missed but never forgotten.
    01/18/2023 12:27 pm
    Charles Kegg lit a candle and writes,
    My time with Irenee and the entire family will be a life-long treasure. A truly great man passed my way for which I will be forever grateful.
    01/18/2023 12:53 pm
    Lynn Kelleher Ingersoll writes,
    What a privilege it has been to share a (short stretch of) property line with Irenee and his family, and to accept their generous invitation to enjoy the beautiful Granogue property. My first meeting with Brip was when he helped me carry groceries and a toddler home in a blizzard more than four decades ago. There have been many more: walking dogs, riding bicycles, strolling the Brandywine's 'West Bank' -- even cross-country skiing. And in the aisle at ShopRite! He was a remarkable man who brightened the world for more than a century. May his spirit continue to shine.
    01/18/2023 02:12 pm
    John kaiser jr writes,
    I know if my parents, Rex and Claire Kaiser were still with us, they would want to say how much they enjoyed their friendship with this family. RIP those that pass before us! John and Jackie Kaiser Annapolis
    01/18/2023 03:36 pm
    Dan Zhang lit a candle and writes,
    Dear Mr du Pont: you have inspired us to live a life reaching the fullest potential. You are the only man I know who keeps driving until you are 100 years old. You are truly an amazing man who supports us and provides guidance to people seeking directions. My life will not be the same without your help! You will always be in my heart. Dan Zhang
    01/18/2023 04:40 pm
    Jacey Armstrong writes,
    My heartfelt sympathy to Mr, du Pont’s family. He was a lovely, kind man and will be missed by many.
    01/18/2023 07:22 pm
    Teresa Dawn (Brown) Welsh lit a candle and writes,
    I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. And Mrs. DuPont when my parents moved to Granogue when I was 6 months old. My parents Charlotte and Walter worked on that beautiful Estate. We were so blessed to have lived there. You were always treated like family from the whole Dupont family. When I got married I was able to have beautiful pictures taken at the pond off route 100. My husband and I were so honored to be able to play Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus for the family one Christmas. I have such wonderful memories of seeing Mr. DuPont driving around on his motorcycle or his chevy chevette and always taking time to stop and say hello. Rest In peace. My sincere condolences to the entire family
    01/18/2023 07:23 pm
    Charles (Buzz) Everett duPont, Jr. writes,
    I had the pleasure of meeting Irenee at the vintage car show at Winterthur in May 2012 (during the Point to Point). After discovering I had restored my grandfather’s 1940 Pontiac station wagon (a “woody”) he insisted I come visit him at Granogue where he drove me about that beautiful estate in his old touring car, on road and off. We then spent hours talking family history while walking through his lovely home. I was struck by how generous he was with his time. He was a wonderful and gracious man who will understandably be missed by many. My condolences to his family.
    01/18/2023 08:49 pm
    Amy Graff writes,
    My prayers and love go to Mr.DuPont’s family. My Dad worked for Mr. DuPont on Gronouge estate. What an amazing place to grow up. I have many memories of seeing him hike, ride his motorcycle and he even came to our home a couple times for parties we had. He was as everyone had mentioned kind, humble, generous and loving man. I will always remember Mother’s Day because everyone on the estate was invited to lunch. I always felt like it was a big event and both Irene and Barbara made me and my family feel special. It was a wonderful afternoon. When I got married they let me take my wedding pictures there. I will treasure the pictures and the memories I have. Gronouge and Mr duPont have a special place in my heart always!
    01/18/2023 09:03 pm
    Peter and Linda Morrow lit a candle and writes,
    Our deepest condolences and sympathy… Brip was are hero in many ways .. Wonderful amazing man .. Thank you Much Love Peter and Linda Morrow
    01/18/2023 09:15 pm
    Jeff and Holly Clouser writes,
    We are very sorry for your family's loss and are thinking about you.
    01/19/2023 05:02 am
    Stephen Fine writes,
    This Man was my Buddy’s grandfather. He let us enjoy the property for the last 30 years. Running the Dogs hiking. Words just aren’t good enough for how kind of a soul Brip was. He thought me alot, Just from knowing him and his wonderful wife. Let them rest in peace. For they are both Saints in my world. Thank you for all you have done.
    01/19/2023 10:10 am
    Aria Dupont-andrew lit a candle and writes,
    Rest in peace grandpa brip you were the kindest person and a amazing great grandfather
    01/19/2023 11:47 am
    John Mac Morgan writes,
    I got to know Brip more through his cousins- the E.Paul du Ponts and his son Mac. We all grew up together playing with motorcycles and cars. A number of years ago a group of us decided to visit Brip at Granogue as he had an old Indian 4 cylinder motorcycle. There was a fellow from NYC who was doing a piece on Indian motorcycle and Brip’s daughter Grace thought it would be a great shot of Brip riding the Indian out the kitchen door onto the driveway. So the bike was pushed into the house and Brip proceeded to start it up in the dining room and ride it down the hallway towards the Maxfield Parish mural, trailing oil behind. When I mentioned the mess he appeared to be making he said “I think if you own an Indian, you should be able to ride it wherever you want” and turned it around and rode it out the kitchen door. Over the years I visited Brip off and on. He was a great friend of the family and he and my mother were both born in the same year. She died after reaching her 100 birthday. My only regret is not being able to say goodbye.
    01/19/2023 02:32 pm
    Feffie Barnhill lit a candle and writes,
    Brip and my father, George, were two of a kind - made from the same denim cloth. On Monday afternoons, they would head off in some direction and always come home with a relic or a great buy at Value City. Brip and George were best playmates, loving old things and how they worked. I have fond memories of Barbra and Brip visiting our Lewes home. My sincere condolences - my family have such wonderful memories of Brip and his family.
    01/19/2023 02:38 pm
    George Barber writes,
    My Dad (Donn Barber) and Brip were classmates at MIT. I was fortunate enough to be present for their occasional lunches together while they discussed past times at the DuPont Co. and mutual friends. Both Dad and Brip were in their mid 90’s, both as sharp-minded as ever. I was always so impressed with how kind, gentle, humble and self effacing Brip was. I feel very fortunate to have been able to such enjoyable hours with those two fine gentlemen on their trips down memory lane. My condolences to the entire family.
    01/19/2023 03:40 pm
    Willard Glenn lit a candle and writes,
    Only interacted a few times with Mr. dupont. He was changing the oil in a VW bus in the courtyard of Grannogue. Simply put, he was one of the good guys. Sympathy to his family. WSG
    01/20/2023 09:04 am
    Janet riter writes,
    Sending prayers and condolences. I am a retired French teacher and I always enjoyed talking about the the influence of the du Pont family in Delaware and the history of Hagley Museum. I took my students to Hagley every year at Christmas for the Christmas tour. They sang many Christmas Carols in French for the staff and for the visitors. We even made channel 6 news and channel 12 news! Rest in Peace, Monsieur du Pont.
    01/20/2023 09:21 am
    Jim Travers lit a candle and writes,
    Mr. du Pont was a great "family man," responsible for the "Green Book" when the 200th anniversary of their arrival in America was celebrated. He gave me a copy, plus several hand-drawn illustrations of the buildings on the Granogue property. He loved motorcycles and continued to ride one until he was 85. Like his father, he had a great sense of humor. When asked, he gave me a 90-minute tour of the family graveyard at Sand Hole Woods. He will be sorely missed.
    01/20/2023 11:21 am
    Jim Flanigan writes,
    Today we say goodbye to a Legendary soul. An excellent storyteller, engineer, tour guide, husband, father, and philanthropist. A man who didn’t meet a vegetable, he wouldn’t trade for a bowl of ice cream. A man with a MacGyver like ability, to fix whatever broke with the contents of his pocket and the items in his immediate vicinity. A man who could make a stranger feel like a long lost friend and who welcomed “responsible trespassers” to enjoy the beautiful property he dwelled upon. A man who owned a tv and cell phone I never once saw used, over several decades. A throw back of a man, the world needs souls like, now more than ever. Fare thee well Mr. Brip, may you enter the warm embrace of the friends and family that have gone before you. And may every day from here to eternity, be perfect for riding bikes, or sailing the bay! Thank you for the love, the opportunity, and the excellent example you provided, on how to navigate this crazy world. You’ll forever be remembered! 💚💚💚
    01/21/2023 06:07 am
    Anne M. Vattilana writes,
    I attended the Delaware Safety Council 100th Anniversary at the DuPont Country Club. I had the pleasure to meet Mr. DuPont and listen to a dynamic speech and the heartfelt presentation about the DuPont family, business and how vital safety was No. 1. I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. DuPont as I was walking out the front door and greeted to talk with him while he was sitting in his car about important family relations. Mr. DuPont confirmed a few details and then allowed me to take a picture and reached for a booklet to share the details of the DuPont family. His own personal copy. I felt very honored that day. Truly captured how happy Mr. DuPont was to drive his own car. We are blessed by this gentleman and how Mr. DuPont shared his time to attend and give a presentation at the 100th Delaware Safety Council anniversary.
    01/21/2023 08:52 am
    Suzanne Gallo lit a candle and writes,
    When I was a girl, and into my twenties, I often rode horses through the Granogue estate. I remember those rides; passing “the tower”, enjoying the incredible view- and swimming my horses across the Brandywine- along the boundary of Irnee DuPont’s estate, fondly. I’m grateful that Mr. DuPont allowed me to trail ride through his property. Good memories! Twenty years later, I was able to go inside Granogue, during a fundraising event benefiting the Kennett Square Bayard Sharp Library. It ranks as one of the best days of my life. Irnee took a personal interest in me and my friend, Shirley Adelman. He showed us through his home. He played a Sousa march on his organ for us. I especially enjoyed his basement workshop. God rest his soul.
    01/21/2023 10:23 pm
    Brip du Pont was that quiet true leader of the entire du Pont clan. His warmth, personal interest in You, no matter what your station in life, his keen attention to the mechanical sciences, will not be exceeded. That charge to Each, earlier daily also with Barbara, is one's personal action to Love, act to help others, and live Nature to the fullest.
    01/22/2023 06:35 am
    David Hamilton lit a candle and writes,
    Love and prayers to Brip duPont’s family, especially to my friend and Brip’s daughter, Grace duPont with whom I have many cherished memories. Grace and her parents were so incredibly welcoming to me during my high school years at Tower Hill that it is difficult for me to express in simple words…God bless
    01/22/2023 12:19 pm
    Leslie Porter lit a candle and writes,
    In tandem with his life-long partner and wife, Barbara, Brip duPont brought forth goodness and kindness to our broken world. His love of family and friends who were considered family; of charity for others who are in need of extra support was matched by his love of nature and having fun. I, too, send my heartfelt condolences to the entire duPont family who celebrate the life of a man who gave life his all. May Heaven welcome Mr. duPont with great fanfare and loving healing light.
    01/23/2023 10:23 am
    Tom McDaniel writes,
    Irénée and Barbara were fantastic people and very caring of each other. I was one of the many people who spent thousand of hours at Granogue putting on a series of bike and running races for over 20 years. He reached out and invited us to use Granogue and remained enthusiastic about using his property no matter our mistakes or how much we damaged his grass. I am so glad to have had Irénée as part of my life. Tom McDaniel
    01/25/2023 12:42 pm
    Mary Michelle Sowder writes,
    I remember you.😇💕🕊️
    01/26/2023 08:09 am
    Bob and Penny Davies writes,
    We are very sad to here of Irene's passing as he was a great friend and teased me so much.We shallmiss him so much as he was such a character.Our condolences to whole family.Sincerely, Boband Penny Davies
    01/26/2023 10:32 pm
    Jessica lit a candle and writes,
    My deepest condolences to the entire family. I wasn't lucky enough to meet Mr. DuPont but I have heard so many incredible stories and reading his accomplishments is impressive. Much love at this time to all.
    01/29/2023 10:48 am
    Randal Moore lit a candle and writes,
    God Speed. Brip. What a brilliant life well lived. The value of family legacy paramount. Kind to all. Brip was loved and admired. He will be missed. Ran
    02/02/2023 12:49 am
    Winthrop duPont Moore writes,
    Rest in Peace, Brip. What an incredible legacy you lived and left. You will indeed be missed by so many. Condolences and love. Winthrop duPont Moore and Sally Rockefeller Moore Montecito, California
    02/02/2023 09:53 am
    Scott Winkles writes,
    So sad. In my teens I rode motorcycles all over the estate along with many others. I worked at Granogue during college summers in the early 80's and also lived there for a few years after graduating. I got to know Irenee during this time and he was so nice and sociable with all of us and always wanted to know how we were doing. I remember seeing him in a suit riding his motorcycle to work into the city all of the time! He was a special person and will be missed.
    02/02/2023 09:58 am
    Arnold Thackray lit a candle and writes,
    Brip was a faithful friend and a wise councilor who wore his many obligations lightly. He knew how to find pleasure in life's simplicities and how to cope with it's complexities. Meals together, faithful church attendance, antique cars and the Aeolian organ...the music lingers on from a life well-lived.
    02/07/2023 12:25 pm
    Gary,Sherry,and Laura Aulenbach lit a candle and writes,
    We are so sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Dupont. We got to meet Mr. Dupont while horseback riding on his estate. Our family had many fond memories of camping with our horses down in the lower field by the Brandywine for many years. He was such a wonderful person for opening his beautiful estate for us to enjoy. The memories will last forever. We will be forever grateful. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family.
    02/15/2023 09:17 am
    Ted Sacher lit a candle and writes,
    I met Mr. duPont while working in the Dupont building. I worked in the camera store, and he often brought in film for developing. One day he asked if I would do some photography for him, and I agreed. During that shoot, he found out that my wife's family lived in Center Meeting, and he asked to met her. When Irene came up to meet Irinee, he told her several stories of her family that she still holds dear. One funny story was how important and well regarded her grandfather was to the Vicmead Hunt Club, ..."because he knew where to get the good stuff." (He worked as the bartender.) When asked why he was so important, Mr. duPont explained that this was during Prohibition, "...and the Bad Stuff could make you blind!" We all laughed, and universally agreed that Irene's grandfather was a VERY important person at the Club.
    02/21/2023 04:53 pm
    Andy Quetel writes,
    Our deepest condolences to the entire family circle. Mr. DuPont has impacted our lives tremendously and we will forever be grateful. May he rest in eternal peace. Andy & Leslie Quetel.
    02/23/2023 11:36 am
    Christopher Hart lit a candle and writes,
    What wonderful times we spent with Barbie,Brip and Carp(Barbie's brother).I remember when we were visiting Granogue once and Brip asked me if I wanted to see his new car proudly declaring that it was the second car he ever bought.I gladly went with him towards the garage and saw his sparkling Oldsmobile Alero!I loved his stories about their motorcycle weekends up around the Locks.Blessed.
    03/11/2023 10:21 am
    Thomas Carpenter Keiper writes,
    Mr. duPont, You have touched the hearts and souls of many with your kindness, thoughtfulness and generosity, including mine. Thank you. Always to be remembered and never forgotten. R.I.P. Mr. duPont. Truly, Tom
    04/16/2023 09:03 pm
    Charles B. McCoy writes,
    Such a perfect Soul...Friendly, gracious and welcomed me to his home the first time as if we had been friends for years...
    04/21/2023 06:45 am
    Alan Bound writes,
    So sorry to have just found out about Irenee's passing. One of the happiest memories of my and Emily's wedding back in 2018 was having photographs taken in the beautiful setting of Granogue. He was a delight, giving me a quick tour of the ground floor whilst Emily got ready. He seemed almost as happy as I, when I saw the Parrish panelling in the music room. He'd been taken aback that this Welsh visitor recognised the style and knew of his work. Belated condolences from us both.
    06/19/2023 10:18 am
    Paul Balze writes,
    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. du Pont at the Hagley Museum Car Show in 2016. He eagerly shared the stories of all the cars he had brought to that year's show--every one he'd ever owned as his personal car except his current one, plus one that had been his mother's--and was a delight to talk to. I made a point of seeking him out at later shows, and was treated to the story of his 1918 Cadillac, which he'd bought in college and brought to the show every year. He obviously enjoyed being there very much. I'm sorry he was too ill to be at the 2022 event. I'm grateful to have had the chance to meet him.
    08/21/2023 04:48 pm
    Eric M. Pusey writes,
    Just remembering a great and inspiring man. He let me use his property for a number of Boy Scout events and all he asked was a hat from the event in return. I loved the toys of his house and even helped him with his windows 95 computer than ran his pipe organ. He will be missed.
    07/02/2024 07:38 pm

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