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Enid Constancia Freeman

Enid Constancia Freeman a.k.a. “Nana” to many.
Enid Constancia Freeman, age 99, of Lewes, Delaware, passed away on Tuesday, December 29, 2020 at Beebe Healthcare in Lewes.

Enid had a snappy wit about her. Born in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, she was one of four siblings, Meercyla, Eulalie and Theodore. They are the children of the late Philip and Ilva Lopez. Enid, her father and brother moved to New York in her early teens.
Enid was married to the late Howard Freeman who passed years before.
She was a native of Brooklyn, NY where she lived with her significant other Joseph “Lucky” Luciano & their family. Enid worked as a showroom dresser for the world-famous Madame Alexandra Doll Company. She also worked for the New York City Board of Education as a statistical clerk which she retired from. After her parting with Joseph, Enid then moved to Hagerstown, MD with her son Richard and his family. After his passing she moved back to New York near her grandson and his family. Later Enid followed her grandson & relocated to Delaware. Her final residence was at Harbor Healthcare Nursing home in Lewes, DE.

Though her education was brief, Enid could handle many life lessons and she always gave heartfelt advice. Enid loved cooking, dancing, sewing and entertaining family and friends. She had a designer’s talent for home decorating.

She will be missed and remembered for her love of people, life, laughter, style, and wittiness. One of Enid’s favorite sayings was “the truth will set you free.”

Enid is predeceased by daughter Deloris, her sons Howard “Sonny” Freeman, and Richard “Richie” Freeman. She is survived by her daughters Lydia Freeman, Marie Luciano, her six grandchildren; Robert, Dawn, Kenny, Angela, Everett, Veronica, her seven great-grandchildren; Christopher, Sean, Matthew, Philip, Astria, Danny & Andre, three great-great-grandchildren; Marcus, Astria, Asher and her nieces; Georgia, Teddi, Kim and nephew Andre Miguel and their families.

Enid‘s last wish was to be an anatomical donor. Her wishes were fulfilled through the University of Delaware Anatomical Gift Program where she currently rests.

Funeral Services

Enid‘s last wish was to be an anatomical donor. Her wishes were fulfilled through the University of Delaware Anatomical Gift Program where she currently rests.


    Carl and Linda Fassacesia writes,
    Enid was our next door neighbor and friend for a few years in Pawling N Y. She was a real sweetheart! We became fast friends. She enjoyed her apartment so much! I had many nice conversations with her. She will be missed very much. Rest in Peace Enid.
    01/05/2021 08:14 pm
    Ken Curtis lit a candle and writes,
    I am one of Enid’s grandchildren. Nana as I called her was an absolute amazing woman. I have so many fond memories of when I was a little boy and how she always was caring, loving, supportive and always one of my biggest advocates. As I grew up, graduated from college and advanced in my career she always kept me focused on the important things in life and that no day was promised so treasure it. She was rich with wisdom and love of which she was so willing to share with anyone who was open to it. While she has passed she lives within those she touched. It is our responsibility to pass those lessons, wisdom and genuine love to those around us. Rest In Peace Nana.
    01/05/2021 10:55 pm
    June Barlow lit a candle and writes,
    She will be missed by many. I am so grateful for having her in my life. She was my husband’s beloved grandmother. She was a kind and loving woman who instilled great values in her grandson. For that and many other reasons, I will forever be thankful to her. My memories of our lengthy, deep conversations on the phone will always be cherished. I will miss that . We were so blessed to be a part of her life. She has left us with fond memories that we will forever keep. Sleep in peace Nana.
    01/06/2021 11:31 am
    Sean Pradia Jr writes,
    To my Loving and Beautiful Nana, you always knew what to say to make me feel better on my down days and you always kept it real with me now matter what. I remember the times when we would come to your house and you would always spoil me with all the snacks on your table in the dining room. My Nana always would cook up a great big dinner even if we were just coming for a little while. Me and my Nana had a Bond that has blessed me to be close to Nana most of my life and to hold her thoughts and memories close inside my heart to keep her light shinning forever in my life never to be forgotten. Shine Bright Nana, Your Grandson Sean I love you Nana
    01/11/2021 05:59 pm
    Enid Luciano lit a candle and writes,
    I am the youngest of the two surviving daughters. I am name after mom two Enid's which could be confusing sometimes. Mom love to dance she and dad would dance at the famous Palladium club in Harlem so I came by dacining naturally. Some of my fondest memories was how with all she had to do with working a full time job she would cook dinner from scratch. Made my Christmas special and oh yes the food for News years eve no words. My love to play cards into the am with my brothers Richie Sonny and their wives till the next day. Here's my summer humor mom would cook all night and be at the beach before sun up. Mom had sun sensitivity so just as the afternoon heat came up it was time to leave oh well the food was great. Mom would give me real life lessons and agree to disagree her Aries my Capricorn. I love mom's style to do her hair, dress to go out. I learn how to do my make-up watching her. Mom taught me strength as she fought Breast cancer twice. I called her lovingly a tuff bird she didn't take tea for the fever and with no filter said it like she meant it you knew she meant well. She didn't have a lot but gave so much to so many. So no tears mom much respect joy and peace be with you I know your dacin in heaven and running things. Hold a place for your baby girl. Love you
    01/11/2021 11:06 pm
    Isalyn Smith lit a candle and writes,
    My deepest condolences to Ms. Freeman family. I had the to pleasure of meeting Ms. Freeman or as I referred to as my "Island Girl" since we were both born in St. Thomas, V.I when Kenny ( her grandson) brought her to Harbor Healthcare Rehab/Nursing Home where work. Ms. Freeman was very easy to love and I truly love her sassyness about her and she always ask me how I going to boss her when she was older I would say the same way she act like she own me whenever I am in her room or she send a message with one of my coworkers that she miss me and want to see me. I would braid her hair for her under her wig and do her nails, I will miss our talks in her room, watching get excited when she won money for winning bingo and especially watch her dancing at our happy hour when we had DJ Jimmy playing his music , she love her self some DJ Jimmy . She love her grandson Kenny beyond words and he certainly pampered her with their shopping/lunch day trips outing or when he would come and visit with her and they would sit in one of our lounge area checking out what going on outside. I will miss us sitting outside in the courtyard talking and laughing and me telling her about St. Thomas and showing her pictures of there and of my family. Truly to meet her is to instantly fall in love sassyness and sense of humor. Rest In Peace My Island Girl R.I.P. Love you Isalyn your Island Girl. Thanks Kenny for sharing your NANA with all of us at Harbor Healthcare.
    01/11/2021 11:28 pm
    Dawn Luciano lit a candle and writes,
    My Nana was a phenomenal woman. We were truly blessed to have her in our life for as long as we did. When she lived in Maryland I was in the military at the time and was stationed in Virginia. Every Friday when I got off from work I would pick my sons up from daycare and drive five hours to spend the weekend with her. My sons really enjoyed spending time with her. I wanted them to have the same fond memories of her that I had growing up when I use to visit with her. When Sunday morning came around she was hurrying us out the door with a bag of snacks for the ride home because she didn’t want me on the road late. Nana was a strong spicy “no nonsense” well organized lady. Nana loved to dance. I remember when she lived in Brooklyn her and Mrs Betty would go to the dance hall to the wee hours of the morning and then the next day she would put on some Soca music and we would dance around the living room. My grandmother did not hold her tongue. She said what she meant and meant what she said. But you always knew that she meant it with love. She taught me the value of family and to always look after those less fortunate. She was the last of her generation. I love her beyond words. She will forever remain in my heart. Rest In Peace Nana.
    01/14/2021 10:19 am

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