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Andrew Thomas Nardone

Andrew Thomas Nardone, 54, of Wilmington, passed away unexpectedly on May 21, 2023. He was a husband and father, son and brother, and a loyal friend to many. He was loved deeply by all.

Andy was born in Wilmington. He spent his youth in rural Newark, Old New Castle and Pike Creek Valley, collecting many friends and stories along the way. In 1986, he graduated from John Dickinson High School, where he played ice hockey, managed the girls’ field hockey team, and enjoyed a degree of notoriety for his wicked wit and unforgettable antics in the classroom and beyond. It is a testament to his big personality and deep sense of loyalty that he remained close with his Dickinson friends throughout his life.

Andy graduated from the University of Delaware in 1995 with a degree in English education, then soon hit the road with one of those good friends for an epic cross-country trip to iconic places such as the Grand Canyon. After sojourning in California for a few months, he returned to the East Coast to live several years in Ocean City, Maryland. He cooked in restaurants, tended bar, ate a bay’s worth of blue crabs and shared many good times with his ever-expanding circle. With them, he traveled to England, Ireland and France, where he never failed to connect with locals in the pub or appreciate some of the world’s finest art and culture. In a word, Andy always made an impression.

He lived several years in Baltimore, where he worked as a top sales rep for Random House Books, then owned and operated The Barn, a landmark tavern and crab house in Carney.

Andy enjoyed more recent trips to Italy and Hawaii. He loved hot rods and motorcycles, surfing and sailing, great books, music of all kinds, fine wine, and good food. He loved to bring people together at his bars and around his table, and he loved those people most of all.

In 2017, Andy reunited with Tara, mother of their daughter Maddalena. They were the great loves of his life.

Andy was predeceased by his father, E. Anthony “Tony” Nardone.  He is survived by his wife, Tara (Souffie), their daughter, Maddalena (Maddie), and Jack, who Andy loved like his own son; his mother, Rhoda Domenic (Kline); brother Mark Nardone and wife Dina (Melchiorre), sister Catherine Nardone and partner, Steve Turner; his in-laws, Bob and Patty Souffie, Sean and Susan Souffie, and Andy Knapp and Kelly (Souffie); his nieces and nephews, who saw Uncle Andy as a hulking, walking ton of fun.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Sean’s House Unlocke the Light.

Funeral Services

A memorial service for Andy will be held at 11 am on Wednesday, May 31st at St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church, 7 Sharpley Road, Wilmington where friends and family may visit from 10 to 11 am.


    John Vendetti lit a candle and writes,
    Till we meet again, Andy. You will be deeply missed by all of us here in Baltimore my friend ! My condolence to family and friends. I've never ever heard a bad word or thing about you brother !
    05/23/2023 04:25 pm
    Malusa Family lit a candle
    05/23/2023 04:34 pm
    Vickie & Andrew Thompson lit a candle and writes,
    I'm so very sorry for your loss, prayers to you and your families. He will be missed, it was a pleasure to know and call him a friend. Vickie & Andy Thompson
    05/23/2023 04:38 pm
    Barbara Flowers lit a candle and writes,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you Tara, and your family! So lucky to have known Andy and share his love of life!
    05/23/2023 04:41 pm
    Monica and Jim Link writes,
    We are praying for you all and your families. Very honored to have known Andy (Slice). A wonderful man and great friend to all who knew him.
    05/23/2023 04:45 pm
    Monica and Jim Link lit a candle
    05/23/2023 04:47 pm
    Helena Domenic writes,
    I’m so very sorry for the loss of Andy. It’s much too soon, he was much too young.
    05/23/2023 05:00 pm
    Jacqueline Baker Whitehead writes,
    My deepest condolences.. I knew Andy years ago in Ocean City..He was always the shining light in the room.. loved by many.. until you are all reunited, may he watch over you all. Take good care of yourselves during this trying time.. ❤️
    05/23/2023 05:10 pm
    Julie Harrington writes,
    I’m so very sorry for your loss. Tara, your love story was one of my favorites. My heart goes out to you Maddie and the rest of Andrew’s family.
    05/23/2023 05:15 pm
    Murray & Mary Anne Smith lit a candle and writes,
    Sending love and prayers to Tara, Maddie, and Jack. We are broken hearted by your loss. May he rest in eternal peace.
    05/23/2023 05:51 pm
    John Vernon writes,
    Andy was such a great coworker and an even greater friend, my heart goes out to his family. He will be missed by so many.
    05/23/2023 05:59 pm
    Seth lit a candle and writes,
    There are no words to express my sadness.
    05/23/2023 06:13 pm
    Niki and Bird Birmingham lit a candle and writes,
    Sending condolences to Slice’s family. You were a dear and amazing friend to many! You will be missed terribly! Love Bird and daughter Niki
    05/23/2023 06:41 pm
    Mark Brodoway lit a candle and writes,
    Many fond memories at the beach and reconnecting here in Wilmington, it’s hard to believe you’re gone. R.I.P. Slice, you will be missed
    05/23/2023 07:30 pm
    Dana and Ben Veasey writes,
    Tara and Maddie we are so sorry!
    05/23/2023 07:33 pm
    Dina Smalley Ackary lit a candle and writes,
    So many memories flooding my mind, the main one is you decorating my locker with surf clippings and super cool beach stuff which you knew spoke to my heart. Made me happy every day opening my locker to your thoughtfulness! You always had a smile for everyone. Keep smiling and I’ll see ya when I get there, Andy!! <3 Dina
    05/23/2023 07:44 pm
    Chris Bacon lit a candle and writes,
    My deepest condolences to all of Andy’s family and friends. He will always be remembered as an adventurer with a big heart. I have many memories of our childhood antics in the woods, fields and back yards of Old Baltimore Pike! With love to the Nardones Cousin Chris Livvy and Grace
    05/23/2023 07:54 pm
    Jean Jeanes lit a candle and writes,
    Tara and Maddie I am so sorry for your loss. This is a great shock to us all. I worked with Andy at The Meat House. He always was the first one to say good morning to me every day. I will miss that and him. He was a great friend and co worker. May he Rest in Peace. Till we meet again my friend. Thoughts and Prayers to the entire family. God Bless
    05/23/2023 07:56 pm
    Julia lit a candle and writes,
    Slice! Mate, we had some great times in OC. My condolences to your family. Till we meet again.
    05/23/2023 08:17 pm
    Paul wisner writes,
    I am at a loss for words buddy. SOOOO many great times we shared. You lived with me and Richmond and had some of the best times of our lives, from Men's Weekends, to house Parties, we cried together on 9/11, spent many a night figuring out the world’s problems....The Barn, Key West, Breckenridge etc. The list goes on....I just wish it could continue. There's a BIG hole here now that can't be replaced. Say hi to my Dad please. He always liked you alot. Love you brother!! ❤️ Xoxo Wiz
    05/23/2023 08:49 pm
    Paul "Wiz"
    05/23/2023 08:53 pm
    Paul "Wiz" writes,
    Slice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️😭
    05/23/2023 08:54 pm
    James Kramer lit a candle and writes,
    Dang man, we grew up in the same neighborhood in pike creek, played hockey together at D-High, skateboarded, and participated in some epic ski trips both with school and outside of school! Although we lost touch threw the years.. I’ll always remember your free spirt and endless smiles and that Mohawk haircut!!! Your ability to connect with people was one of your most amazing assets , either perfect strangers, life long friends or just an hour long acquaintance. The world lost a true gentleman and a perfect scholar of everything obscure! To your wife daughter and family my heart goes out to you in the coming days weeks and months ahead… but knowing Andy he would want nothing more than for you to celebrate him, never forget him and walk with him in memory and in your heart! May peace be with Andrew in this world and the next … rest easy my friend!✊🙏😎
    05/23/2023 09:45 pm
    Adam Carasik “Slicky” writes,
    Slice man! I’ll always cherish the memories from the Barn (rocking out)to the beach. Hanging at Seacrets and the 30+ street walks wandering coastal highway late night were fun times. Hope you are at peace!
    05/23/2023 10:50 pm
    Tommy Bosley lit a candle
    05/24/2023 07:59 am
    Brandie Rausch writes,
    My thoughts and prayers go to the family. You will be missed Andrew. R.I.P. Slice
    05/24/2023 08:48 am
    Jennifer Bailey lit a candle and writes,
    Andy, you were a light in all of the lives you touched. You will be deeply missed by all. My love goes out to Tara, Maddie, Jack and your family. Miss you my friend ❤️
    05/24/2023 08:49 am
    Tom Jones lit a candle and writes,
    Andy (Slice as we so lovingly called you), you will be sorely missed. One of the really "good/genuine" guys I have been blessed to have called a friend in my life. When he moved to Baltimore he fit in with our group of friends like he had been one of us for years and years. Such a testament to the quality human you were. RIP Buddy. I know we will meet again. This one hurts alot!!
    05/24/2023 10:49 am
    Wayne Bendistis lit a candle and writes,
    My blessings go out to his family May the Lord keep them strong you will be missed by many brother. God bless.
    05/24/2023 11:13 am
    The Lepre's (Steve, Debbie & Jessica) writes,
    Tara, Maddie & Jack - You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are deeply sorry for your loss. If there is anything we can do, please let us know.
    05/24/2023 11:36 am
    Bunni Casey lit a candle and writes,
    Oh Rhoda! Frank and are so very sorry for your loss. Our hearts break with yours. Praying the Lord Jesus will bring comfort and true hope to all who are broken-hearted. Praying for you, dear sister.
    05/24/2023 11:51 am
    David Gregory lit a candle
    05/24/2023 12:18 pm
    Sue Burke lit a candle and writes,
    You will be missed. You were one of the good people at BJ'S. My heart goes out to all your family. Such a loss at too young of an age.
    05/24/2023 01:17 pm
    Julie Stedman lit a candle
    05/24/2023 01:29 pm
    Leslie Landrum Borst lit a candle and writes,
    I am so sorry to hear this sad news. Andy and I went to HS together. Haven't seen much of him since, but I do remember was a happy, easy going guy with a smile that covered his entire face. Myself and my family will be keeping you all in the light.
    05/24/2023 07:12 pm
    Madalyn and Nathaniel Stiles
    05/24/2023 08:04 pm
    Kelley and Darren Schulke lit a candle and writes,
    We are very sorry for your loss. Sending prayers of comfort for you all.
    05/24/2023 08:37 pm
    Cory Foard lit a candle and writes,
    Tara, I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending love and hugs to you and your family. RIP Andy ❤️
    05/24/2023 09:47 pm
    Crazy Tony lit a candle and writes,
    I am at a loss for words. My condolence to family and friends. I've never ever heard any bad words about are Parkville brother ! God Bless the family at this time of need.
    05/25/2023 04:20 am
    Tom and Sue Ogden writes,
    Our heart is broken for Tara, Maddie and the Souffie Family. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Sean Locke was a special person that we knew well. We made a contributution to Sean's House in memory of Andy.
    05/25/2023 09:34 am
    Troy Knox writes,
    Much love to Andy and all of his family. You will be greatly missed my friend!! We had so much fun together and you were such a great human. We will always celebrate you Andy!! oxoxox
    05/25/2023 12:22 pm
    Darrin Jackson writes,
    I am so sorry for your loss Tara, Maddie and Jack. I loved every minute I spent working with Andy this past year and it was great to meet someone the same age with an oddly similar, funny sense of the world and the fun in brings. We regularly boiled our life stories down and always ended them with "nevertheless". I will miss you every day Andy! Love you buddy. Darrin, Natalie and Ronin "NEVERTHELESS"!!!
    05/26/2023 03:34 pm
    Mary Kate Rispoli Hollingsworth lit a candle and writes,
    Thinking of all of Andrew's family during this difficult time. I am deeply saddened upon hearing of Andy's passing. I will always remember growing up with Andy in Old New Castle. May he rest in peace and God Bless his family.
    05/27/2023 07:40 pm
    Jack and Daphne Mruz lit a candle and writes,
    It’s the smile. Always the smile. Rinnie and Mark you always looked out for Andy. Now it is his turn to watch over you. The tears come now but keep the good times close to your hearts.
    05/27/2023 09:13 pm

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