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Personalizing Services

Personalizing Funeral ServicesThe services you select may depend on whether you are making immediate arrangements (at-need) for your loved one who has passed away, or wish to make advance arrangements for yourself. Either way, we will walk you through all of the services we offer, listed below, and explain the costs and benefits associated with each.

Make an appointment with one of our dedicated funeral professionals by calling 302-478-7100. We are available to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Ceremonies, Services and Gatherings

    A traditional funeral ceremony includes a visitation, a formal service at the location of your choice, and transportation to a cemetery. Other public or private gatherings may include a Graveside Service or a Memorial Service.

  • Memorialization and Personalizing Services

    There are many ways to keep the memories of your loved one alive, and to create a personal tribute that may be shared with others. We can offer ideas to help your family plan a unique memorialization, such as displaying memorabilia and photographs, creating memorial folders, and selecting music.

  • Caring for your Loved One’s Remains

    Trust our experience and professionalism when it comes to transferring, forwarding or receiving remains; embalming; preparation; sheltering; cremation; or immediate burial.

  • Final Placement

    Your family may request a burial or scattering at a cemetery, or on private land. We can help you make all the necessary arrangements for these types of services.

  • Products and Merchandise

    Choose from a large selection of caskets, vaults, urns, and markers. We also offer a variety of personalization items, such as memory boxes and other keepsakes.

  • Transportation Services

    Hearses, limousines and service vehicles are available, based on your family’s needs.

    • Cash Disbursements, Filing Services and Benefits Assistance
    • For your convenience, we can pay others on your behalf. We can also assist you with certain paperwork, such as filing permits and documents; securing veteran, social security, or insurance benefits; handling wills & probates; and obtaining certified copies of the death certificate.

    We can provide you with an estimate at your request.